Research interests

My research interests are motivated by the need to advance clean technologies for the world to transition to a low-carbon and sustainable energy and industrial systems. Electrochemistry is at the heart of many future technologies for sustainable energy storage and conversion and green chemical production. A major challenge to develop efficient electrochemical energy technologies is fully understanding physical and chemical phenomena that control performance and degradation of materials.

The primary focus of my research is on two main objectives:  

  • Revealing structure-function relationships at the nanoscale in electrochemical materials used for energy storage (i.e. batteries) and conversion (i.e. electrocatalysis) to guide the rational design of enhanced materials.
  • Understanding electrocatalysis of biomass-based species for efficient production of high-value platform chemicals and green fuels.

Previous research

During my Ph.D. and industry work, my research focused on electrochemical sensing for diagnostics, environmental and agri-food applications. The main directions of my previous research were:

  • Development, characterisation and application of inorganic nanoparticles for electrochemical (bio)sensing.
  • Design of low-cost disposable analytical devices for point-of-need sensing
  • In situ spectroelectrochemistry for analytical applications and monitoring of (electro)chemical reactions.